5 Reasons Why Seniors Should Buy New Homes

The average Americans retire is 62.

While retirement marks the end of an era, it also means the beginning of something new. It's a new lifestyle; working less, traveling more, finding new hobbies, and relaxing at home.

But where and why type of home should that be?

Why Buy New as a Senior

When you think of retirement, what comes to mind?

Golf courses. Somewhere sunny. Perhaps a small condo.

What some don't realize is that retirement doesn't force you into a small space or keep you in your old, outdated, oversized home.

You're entering a new stage in life where you deserve to relax in your beautiful home with your own, private space. Here are just a few reasons why seniors should buy new homes.

Personalized to Fit Your Needs and Style

Retirement is about living your best life and spoiling yourself. What better way to do so than live in a place you designed? Choose the gorgeous countertops, the luxury lighting, the fancy backsplash -- whatever your heart desires because you've earned it.

The biggest advantage of buying a to-be-built home is the ability to make it your own. From flooring and kitchen cabinets to bathroom tile and even landscaping, you have so many things to choose from to make it uniquely yours.

When you sit down with an experienced builder, they help you choose the best floor plan and design to fit your needs. Depending on your budget, you may require certain features or accommodations that only a personalized new build can offer.

Choosing all these features means no you won't have to renovate and you'll repair a lot less down the road. You simply move in and begin enjoying every aspect of your brand new, personalized home.

Accessible Options to Choose From

A major complaint most seniors have if deciding to downsize is that their current home is too big or too hard to navigate. 

As you age, it gets more and more difficult, dangerous, and exhausting to walk up and down flights of stairs. This is includes entryway stairs too. 

When you buy a newly constructed home, you choose the exact floor plan and layout you want. Choose a single-story home that is easy and safe to enter and exit. Be sure your entire floor plan is functional for the lifestyle you plan to live. For example, open floor plans are a great for entertaining and accessing the major living areas with ease.

By choosing age-friendly homes, seniors postpone their need for a nursing home.

Energy-Efficient Features

Energy-efficient homes are growing in popularity as homeowners strive to improve not only the environment but their living situation. When you buy a newly constructed home, chances are it'll include at least a few energy-efficient features.

These upgrades are good news for seniors who want fewer hassles and lower electric bills. Energy-efficient windows and thermostats not only cut down on heating and cooling costs but make they make it easy to maintain comfortable temperatures inside your home. 

LED light bulbs last longer than other varieties, which means you can worry less about replacing them. Ask your builder about available smart home features, like garage door openers, doorbell cameras and wireless security systems.

Fewer Repairs or Underlying Issues

Retirement is about working less, not more, so it would make sense to want a personalized, move-in home that requires little to no maintenance. 

Remember the first place you bought Like most first-time homeowners, you probably bought something previously owned or a "fixer-upper." Perhaps it was because that's all you could afford at the time, or maybe the idea of renovating and remodeling sounded excited.

The difference is, back then, you had the time and energy to complete DIY home projects. 

Now you're older and don't want (or need!) the stress and responsibility that comes with fixing up a house. You want a home you can enjoy from the moment you move in.

Buying a newly constructed home gives you the freedom to enjoy your home instead of working it in.

And don't forget the price tag that comes along with those repairs. 

Reduce stress and potential financial headaches by buying a newly constructed home. Make sure you ask about home warranty services to protect yourself for when your home does need maintenance. 

Never Move Again

When you purchase a new home as a senior, the goal is to find one that you love so much, you never want to move again.

Moving is stressful and expensive -- especially as you get older. Buying a newly constructed home that fits your style, your wants, and your needs eliminates the need to move again in the future.

With 76% of seniors preferring to age in place, never having to move again sounds like the ideal scenario.

Home is where you feel most comfortable and safe. By investing in a new build, you can live in your forever home without worry.


Entering your senior years means it's time to enjoy life -- you've worked all your life for this moment.

Whether you're recently retired or getting ready to move for the last time, buying a newly constructed home is the way to go.

At Gehan Homes, we believe happiness starts at home, and we’re here to help you find the perfect house to enjoy through your golden years. Fill out the form below, and we'll get started.

Let's Help You Find the Perfect Home!

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