7 Tips to Finding a Job in Texas

The idea of moving can be overwhelming.

Add "finding a new job" into the mix, and that's another challenge in and of itself.

The good news is that moving and finding work in another state can be a great opportunity.

When you take the right steps and set yourself up for success, you might find that moving out of state is one of the best things that happened.

Are you moving to Texas and looking for work? Here’s how to make your job hunt as smooth and successful as possible.

Moving to Texas

So, you're relocating to Texas -- welcome to the Lone Star state!

Texas is a great place to move because the state has experienced great economic growth. The economy grew 7% between 2009 and 2014 -- a solid rebound after an economic crisis.

Texas has become an increasingly popular place to live. In fact, over half a million people relocated to Texas in 2019.

With numerous big cities to choose from -- AustinDallas/Fort WorthHouston and San Antonio -- there's somewhere for everyone.

Now let's talk about your job search.

Finding a Job in Texas

Finding a job can be a pretty difficult task, especially if you're on a tight timeline and need a job fast.

But one of the many good things about Texas is the sheer number of job opportunities it has. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect opportunity for you.

1. Choose the Right Industry

What type of job can you find in Texas? There has been a lot of growth in a variety of sectors, especially in architecture, engineering, medical care, chemical manufacturing, financial services, and construction.

Large tech companies, such as Dell, Texas Instruments, and Rackspace Hosting call Texas home. AT&T and Hewlett-Packard are also major employers in the state.

When you target industries that are growing in Texas, you’ll have a much easier time finding work.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media

Letting people know you’re looking for work out of state is easier than it’s ever been. Social media allows you to alert friends and family across the country to your job search.

You can also use LinkedIn to network with those who live and work where you’re planning to go. You can reach out to managers and companies that operate in the Texas city you’re moving to and get leads on job options.

Social networking is a great way to build your network and prepare for a cross-country move and a new job. Take advantage those tools!

3. Visit Your New Location

Understanding your new city is vital as you get ready to move. You want to know where to look for Texas homes and determine what companies are close to where you plan to live. Look at commute times and traffic congestion as well.

Visiting the area will give you a good idea of what salary you’ll need in order to afford living in your new state. The good news is that many communities in Texas have affordable housing, so you don’t have to break the bank to make your move.

4. Use Online Job Searching

Just as social media has made networking out-of-state easier than ever, online job searching has made finding work simple as well. You can use well-known job search sites to look for openings in your new state and city.

Sign up for automated job alerts so that when a new opening is available you find out right away. You can also reach out to local companies and let them know you’re moving. They may have opportunities that are perfect for your experience.

5. Schedule In-Person Interviews

Interviewing in-person is tricky when you don’t live in the area. However, there are a lot of options. One of the best is to include in your application that you will be in the city on specific dates and ask if you can interview then.

If you use this strategy, be sure to group your interviews into the same week or so. That way you can save time and money by visiting once and getting to explore several opportunities during that time.

You can also request a video interview, as long as the employer is clear that you are definitely moving. If you’re an attractive candidate, they may be willing to do an alternate style of interview.

6. Consider Transferring With Your Current Job

Sometimes people move and look for new work because they’re trying to move on from their current employer. However, other times taking your job with you is a great option.

Even if you ultimately want new work, having an income for a few months while you get settled and find new job opportunities can be a big benefit for both you and your current employer. They get a transition period to find a new candidate, and you get the option to interview after you’ve moved.

It’s possible your current employer can offer you a remote position, or perhaps they have an office in your new state. Either way, it’s a great way to make your move a little easier!

7. Be Consistent and Don’t Give Up

Finding work takes time, and it can be a frustrating search. The fact that you’re also moving to a completely new area makes it even more challenging.

The biggest factor in your success is simply being consistent. Don’t give up. Consider trying to save up a couple of months of expenses so that you can continue your job search after you move if needed.


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