How to Choose the Right Neighborhood For You in Arizona

Relocating to a new state has its fair share of challenges, especially if it's to an area you're not super familiar with.

Sure, maybe you've visited and scoped out a few spots, but now you need to choose a place to live. If you don't have a lot of connections in the area, finding a home on your own can be overwhelming.

You have to ask yourself things like "which communities will be best for my family," and "which schools are best for my kids?" There's also scenery, amenities, distance to the highway and shopping, crime rates -- the list goes on.

While we may not have the answers for every state in the US right now (maybe later!), there's one state we're going to focus on: Arizona.

Why Arizona?

From the warm sun to the rugged landscapes, there are many benefits to living in Arizona. Whether you're an outdoor adventurer or newly retired looking for a place to relax, Arizona has something for everyone. 

But let's dig a little deeper.

If you've already decided to make your move to Arizona, your next step is deciding which part. Here are some things to consider when choosing a neighborhood in Arizona.

Choosing a Neighborhood

Are there Restaurants and Activities Close By?

When choosing a neighborhood, it's important to see what kind of stores, restaurants and activities are around town.

If you're looking for a neighborhood close to Phoenix, has amazing natural beauty, and offers a wonderful array of activities to keep the family busy, start in Avondale.

This city is home to more than 87,000 people and is just 15 minutes from Phoenix. You can access all the amenities of the capital city, as well as the range of shopping and dining options Avondale has. 

This town also offers some amazing opportunities to enjoy the rugged beauty of the desert landscape. There is plenty of hiking, biking, and running trails in the area around the city.

Plus, Avondale is a great place for sports spectators to cheer on their team. Watch the Arizona Cardinals on the gridiron, the Phoenix Coyotes take the ice or two annual NASCAR races.

Is the Community Taken Care Of?

When doing research to find a neighborhood perfect for you, look at how the city and community are taken care of. 

Casa Grande is a gorgeous little town with historic charm, luxurious amenities and a thriving cultural life. The community is situated halfway between Tucson and Phoenix and is home to almost 60,000 people. It is one of Arizona’s Main Street communities -- a group of cities and towns that focus on improving the design, economic restructuring, organization and promotion. 

Casa Grande also has numerous beautiful golf courses for those who love to spend their days on the green. The quaint downtown has more than 40 buildings on national and local historic registers.

You can also enjoy the car shows, art fairs, live concerts, and festivals that take place throughout the year. 

Is the Community New?

Looking into a neighborhood with newly built homes can be an added bonus. You know you will be getting the latest appliances and well-thought out floor plans.

Gold Canyon is the perfect spot for families looking to enjoy the luxuries of East Phoenix Valley without the price tag.

Most of the homes in this community are less than twenty years old. You can get everything from an affordable single-family home to a luxurious home in a gated community. Gold Canyon is home to just 11,000 people and has not yet been incorporated. 

The weather in Gold Canyon is gorgeous – sunny and warm all year ‘round. The town is situated near Superstition Mountain. You and your family will want to take advantage of the gorgeous weather to explore the natural beauty in this area.

There are also five championship-length golf courses in Gold Canyon, not to mention the dozens within driving distance.

Is the Community Close to Your Favorite Sports Arena?

If you're an avid sports fan, find out the city your favorite team plays in and look for neighborhoods near that location.

If you want to make gorgeous Goodyear, Arizona, your home, you’d better move fast. The city is the fourth-fastest-growing suburban city in the nation and has earned both an All-America City designation and the Most Livable City Award. It is home to more than 66,000 people -- and that number is expected to continue rising. 

Goodyear is less than 20 miles outside of Phoenix and just five miles from Estrella Mountain Regional Park. You can watch both the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians practice at the Goodyear Ballpark.

The city is also home to multiple top-notch golf courses, some of which have attached resorts and spas.

What are the Schools Like?

A helpful tip when you have children, always look into the schools nearby and find out which school that neighborhood is zoned to. If you plan to live in your home for years, it's best to check out all of the schools your child would be attending.

If you’re looking for a good place to raise a family, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better neighborhood than in the city of Litchfield Park. This city of 5,000 has some of the best public schools in the state, and those schools boast an impressive 96 percent graduation rate. It also has one of the lowest crime rates of any community in the state. 

In Litchfield, your family will never be bored; the city hosts almost two dozen festivals, events, and parties each year. The downtown has charming cafes and boutique shopping, as well as a brewery for those who are excited about the craft beer scene.

Plus, with property values on the rise in Litchfield Park, there has never been a time to join this quaint community.

How is the Quality of Life?

 Ask yourself what type of environment do you want to live in when looking for a neighborhood. Quality of life is more important than ever and you want to be surrounded by an area you are happy to call home.

Maricopa, Arizona, is a thriving young town that’s focused on sustainable growth, environmental awareness and quality of life that you and your family will love. About 54,000 people call Maricopa home, and the median age is just 33, making this an amazing city to raise a family.

But this vibrant city also has a rich history that you’ll love diving into. The nearby Estrella Mountains have amazing petroglyphs you can visit, and the Him-Dak Museum has more than 700 boxes of artifacts from Native American history.

If you want to take to the skies, Arizona Soaring, less than ten miles outside of Maricopa, offers airplane rides and flight training. You can also tour Shamrock Farms Dairy or even a cotton gin. 

What is the Weather Like?

When choosing the neighborhood or city of your dreams, you can always look at the weather in past years to get an idea of the temperature for each season.

If your family wants to have fun in the sun, what better place could you ask for than Queen Creek? The city has an average of 330 days of sunshine, as well as a charming frontier lifestyle that you’ll love.  Queen Creek is home to almost 52,000 people and is close enough to Phoenix for you to enjoy the amenities of the capital city. 

Queen Creek offers amazing horseback riding opportunities, including both English and Western options at the Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Centre. The San Tan, Goldmine and the Superstition Mountains are all nearby if you enjoy spending your weekends out on the trail.

And, of course, Queen Creek has top-of-the-line shopping, restaurants, golf courses and more. 

Find Your Next Neighborhood in Arizona

Arizona is one of the best places in the country to live in. The cities we’ve mentioned have communities with amazing schools, low crime rates, and natural beauty that your family will love to explore. Pick your new neighborhood in Arizona, and start living your life in the sun!


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